ePuper is a freeware tool for authoring epub files from web sources for windows.

Basically ePuper was written to bring online newspapers to an offline ebook reader. ePuper has an interface you can create plugins for that converts your favourite web page to an epub file.

ePuper is simple.

ePuper is freeware.

ePuper is still growing up. Please report annotations and feature requests to bugs@epuper.de

Jan 29, 2010: Announcement of Apple's iPad. Best thing: It will show epub ebooks. With ePuper you are fit for the launch in a few weeks...

Jan 22, 2010: New plugin for the archive of the German news magazine "Der Spiegel".

Jan 15, 2010: ePuper 0.2 is ready!
We are proud to announce, that we could publish the new release ("Salmon Creek") for download? today. There are plenty of new features, however the interface for plugins stayed the same.

Dec 31, 2009: Delay! Salmon Creek is almost ready for release, but now some testing has to be done. Two additional features made it into the release candidate: ePuper will speak english if you use a non-german OS or if you want to. And there will be support for the creation of nice indexes within the epub file.

Dec 17, 2009: Next release 0.2 (code name: Salmon Creek) of ePuper is in production. It will produce much more standard conform epubs, will open almost every epub "dialect", will look better and will be released probably this year. Read about the planned features at Future features.

Dec 10, 2009: New plugin for the archive of the german newspaper "Die Zeit" in the download section.

Dec 05, 2009: Famous german computer magazine c't links to this website from their "Letters" section. We become famous...

Nov 25, 2009: New plugin german Focus magazin archive in the downloads section.

Nov 23, 2009: German computer magazine c't writes in issue 25/2009 (http://www.heise.de/ct/inhalt/2009/25/6/) about creation of epub files. Many things covered there are already realized in ePuper. Happy reading!